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6th grade students learn the first Daf of their Gemara Perek, Alu Metzio

6th Grade Judaics is incredibly proud of Mordechai Gopin, Alex Ostrozinsky, and Max Braunshweiger. They have not only learned the first Daf of our Gemara Perek, Alu Metzios. But they
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Citrus Sense Lab in First Grade

Today In first grade we had a sense tasting lab. We tasted lemon, lime, orange,vgrapefruit, banana,and estrog. We compared the size, shape, texture, smell, color and taste and if it
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Middle School Students Begin the Photoshop Component of their Computer Science Curriculum

Middle School students began the Photoshop component of their computer science class curriculum. They began with learning about the different tools available on the interface, and how they can use
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1st and 2nd Grade Re-Create Brooklyn Bridge in STEM Activity

Using the true story of 21 Elephants and Still Standing, by April Prince, (the story of P.T.Barnum parading his 21 circus elephants across the newly (14 years to build,) constructed
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Sukkot Celebrations with Klezmer Music

Field Day? Fire Drill? No… it was a joyous but safe and socially distanced Sukkot celebration, dancing and clapping along with Klezmer music! Activities throughout the week included a juggling
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